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Sunday, April 21, 2024 at 10:00:04 AM Australian Eastern Standard Time
Car Type Coupe
Year of Manufacture 1967 Year

The first-generation Camaro began life with model year 1967, building the foundations to one
of Americans most successful sports cars and multiple generations to follow. Most notably,
the Camaro was also introduced as direct competition to the popular Ford Mustang. The 67’
model year was offered in 2-door hardtop and convertible options with a range of engine
options from the entry level 230ci Straight-6 to the top end 396ci V8. A series of packages
were made available including the Rally Sport (RS) and Super Sport (SS).

This particular example is a genuine 1967 Chevrolet Camaro RS that has undergone a full
restoration including extensive bodywork and replacement panels where necessary. The new
bare metal paint job not only presents beautifully but also compliments the classic 67’ body
styling. Keen eyed viewers will spot the subtle ghost stripe on the bonnet, which is a nice
detail particularly when reflecting in the sun. Additionally, the car has been wrapped fully in
Suntek PPF to protect the paintwork, an exercise that cost over the current owner over
$8,000 (with a 10 year warranty). As an RS Camaro, RS elements are present and include the
iconic ‘hidden headlights’, updated taillights, reverse lights under rear bumper, RS grille
badging, RS fuel cap and exterior trims. The current owner also had a new grille, lights,
windows and custom plates (transferrable) installed. To complete the exterior appearance of
this 67’ Camaro, a set of genuine centreline autodrags are fitted.

The understated black vinyl interior presents just as well as the exterior, with a series of
subtle aftermarket changes. The aftermarket touches include a woodgrain steering wheel, a
pair of Autometer amercian muscle series gauges, a B&M Quicksilver shifter and Bluetooth
stereo with retro look. This Camaro also features air-conditioning. The current owner had
new carpet, trims, window winders (mechanism & seals) and battery box in boot installed. A
3-stage alarm with central locking is also fitted.

As for the running gear, a strong 350ci V8 crate motor is fitted and mated to a turbo 400
transmission, a simple yet proven driveline combination that provides a true muscle car
driving experience. The current owner recalls spending to the tune of $13,000 on the engine
rebuild alone with the goal of being ready to receive a side mount super charger. An
additional $5,000 was spent on suspension replacement and upgrades. This Camaro
benefits from being fully engineered.

This example really does speak for itself after the current owners journey getting it to where it
is today. Take the opportunity to secure this gorgeous 67’ Camaro RS and experience it for


YEAR: 1967

ENGINE: 350ci V8



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