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Thursday, August 4, 2022 at 8:34:28 PM Australian Eastern Standard Time
Car Type Coupe
Year of Manufacture 1976 Year
Cylinders 8 Cyl
Engine Capacity 5ltr
KMs 5830
Colour Internal Black/Grey
Colour External Mandarin Red

A modern street version of the iconic A9X racing Torana Hatch.

Yes, it started life as a humble SL but it is not now. modern upgrades that pay homage to original ideas, like the 17" Hotwires that had to cover the big 320mm Wilwood brakes. Using GPS gauges & rev light taco but still in the three gauge arangement, just way better to see & operate. Using VF leather ute seats that flip forward like the original.

Holden 308 5ltr with racing internals it's a good revy 300Hp engine and more that can be done or be happy with the drag car that comes alive when the Rhodes racing lifters fully pump up and the cam is then in full swing with the aid of Yella terra rolla rockers.

List of parts is attached in the photos, like the 31 spline truetrac 3.5 Rod Shop 9" diff, 315 x17" Kumho's on the back, aussie made Torque Power dual plane manifold, Street Demon carb with the big secondaries( although engine would love to breathe with more cfm from let say a Holley stealth EFI carb.... maybe). leather interior, custom speedhut GPS gauges, 80ltr drop tank, PWR radiator and of course an ICE 2-step Ignition set up with 2 step button on the gear stick. etc etc...

At a 5th of the price of an original A9X (which you can't modify) there is still plenty of great customisations to do if you want, like, my next big plan was a United Speed Shop Magnum IFS coilover front clip, Holley EFI and 5 speed Tremec. does it need it, no, but that is the great thing about this type of muscle car, it has the look, sound, feel and you can drive it around to car shows not on a trailer but also you are free to upgrade to modern improvements better than the original 76 spec cars like big brakes and hard to break diffs.

Also, it has an original Hatch Hutch, so there is that peice of gold too.

Anyway, think I have covered it.

The car is in a shed that I will no longer have soon, It needs a home and someone to enjoy & put their ideas into it. Trust me I do NOT want to let Torrie go but, without a shed it needs to go.

Email is the best form of contact: bjc

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