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Monday, August 1, 2022 at 9:37:48 PM Australian Eastern Standard Time

xb ford Fairmont coupe

PRICE is $100,000 firm

Not a show car has got some minor rust. Small bubble wheel arch, under rear window (not visible from the outside). Bonnet has also been poorly repaired at the front at some point

All modification, engine, diff etc have done less than 10,000km

- 393 cleveland alloy heads cam, solid lifters.

- Custom 100 fuel tank with breather system (no filling issue)

- Electronic fuel pump inside the fuel tank. Phantom fuel pump assembly

- -Electronic fuel injection Holley sniper system. No cold start carby issues and doesn’t stink so bad of fuel like carby cars.

- Ice electronic adjustable ignition system

- Koni adjustable shocks all around

- All new suspension bushes and steering components

- RRS modern steering rack conversion power steering. Zero free play in steering.

- Alloy xe falcon front discs calipers.

- RRS commodore rear caliper brake upgrade and internal hand brake.

- New trutrac 9inch lsd high gloss painted housing.

- Ford Toploader manual gearbox with rebuilt standard shift. (the car used to be auto) I can include auto console and shifter.

- Led headlights with modern relays

- Ford Select air Under dash air con with modern compressors conversion, modern condenser and electronic fan.

- Interior all redone not too factory however it looks factory type. New carpet, underlay and dynamat sound deadening.

- Honda prelude seats trimmed and modified to suit. (much more comfortable and supportive) I can get the original front seat which are trimmed to suit for extra $1800)

- Weld wheels 295 rear tyres

- Xa tail lights (I think they look better) But I have xb lights if prefered

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