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Sunday, April 21, 2024 at 10:00:04 AM Australian Eastern Standard Time
Car Type Coupe
Year of Manufacture 2018 Year
Cylinders 8 Cyl
KMs 36395
Colour Internal Black
Colour External Black

The sixth-generation Ford Mustang was introduced in 2014, which saw the introduction of
factory right-hand drive Mustangs for the first time ever with marketing and sales made
globally. Three engine options were made available including the 4 cylinder ‘EcoBoost’, 6
cylinder ‘Cyclone’ and the popular 8 cylinder ‘Coyote’. Classic Mustang styling elements were
retained with the ‘FM’ and ‘FN’ series, with special edition models released such as the
‘Shelby GT350 and GT500’, ‘Bullitt’ and ‘Mach 1’.

This particular example is a gorgeous 2018 Ford Mustang GT finished in the menacing
‘Shadow Black. However, at closer glance, one may notice a series of modifications that differ
to that of a factory spec Mustang GT. These modifications indicate that this Mustang has
Roush’s ‘Jackhammer’ package installed, limited not only to visual changes, but under the
hood too. As referenced from the Roush Performance’s website, external modifications


  • Front Chin Spoiler with Wheel Shrouds

  • Front Aero Corner Pockets

  • Hood Heat Extractors

  • High-Flow Upper Grille with “JH” Badge

  • High-Flow Lower Opening

  • ROUSH Fender Badges

  • Roush Jackhammer Graphics Package (Body-side two piece “Hockey Stick Graphic”

  • Body Side Scoops (Body Colour)

  • Low Gloss Black Rear Decklid Spoiler

  • Rear Blackout Panel with ROUSH Badging

  • Rear Valance Aero Foils

  • 20-Inch Ebony Black Cast Wheels

As for the interior, all but a couple of features remain as per factory specification. With only
having travelled just over 36,000 kilometres, all elements present beautifully. ROUSH
Jackhammer Package specific interior modifications include:


  • ROUSH Interior Medallion on Dash

  • ROUSH Embroidered Floor Mats

  • ROUSH Illuminated Door Sill Plates

The party really begins under the hood where a ROUSH TVS 2650 Supercharger is strapped
to the already capable 5.0 Coyote V8. In doing so, Roush Performance install a set of
exteme-duty half shafts to handle the extra power. The Jackhammer kit rates this setup to
710 horsepower, making this Mustang a seriously capable streetcar. Additionally, a “JH” strut
tower brace is installed as well as bonnet struts and a Jackhammer serialised engine bay

Sixth-generation Mustangs have proven to be a popular choice amongst enthusiasts. Why not
take it to the next level with this ROUSH Jackhammer kitted Mustang GT and have a
seriously capable street car at your fingertips. As ROUSH performance say: “Between A
Road Car and a Race Car is a ROUSH car..”

For more information about the ROUSH Jackhammer, see the link below.


YEAR: 2018

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