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Monday, August 29, 2022 at 8:28:46 PM Australian Eastern Standard Time
Car Type Sedan
Year of Manufacture 70 Year
Cylinders 8 Cyl
Registration Number 070 fgt
Engine Capacity 5-8
KMs Nil
Engine number Nil
Chassis number Nil
Colour Internal Black trim basketweave
Colour External Vermilion fire

Vermilion fire black trim hi end replica/ body went thru extensive rotisserie work/ that was undertaken thru Grand Tourer /lots of new panels  including both rear quarters that were all lead wiped in /4 Door skins  / inner and outer sills / front guards / shaker bonnet / radiator support panel / tourque boxes / battery tray panel  / new 351 cleavland around 380 hp/ not run in yet / 4v closed chamber heads / email alternator / yellow top coil/ even the rite number hard too get distributor wich  has  been converted internally too Petronixs 2 /autolite plug leads / all hoses have correct part number / 16:1 steering box   / toploader gearbox 28 spline with Xy shifter original Gt tailshaft /Xy nine inch with ho finned drums both been rebuilt/ 36 gallon tank / rechromed original bumpers / all factory markings thru out car / golde sunroof /  working remote mirror /  originalGt dash / originalGt steering wheel /superfrindge radio / also vdo clock /  all new glass thru out car / brand new wiring loom / all bolts door catches and strikers have been replated inc door internals / all new rubbers thru out / a lot of  parts have been collected over the years too be used in this extensive  restoration / this thing is honestly one of the best out there /  more info on build / photo album / also mega receipts / brand new car built too absolute Gt specs 

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