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Monday, August 23, 2021 at 4:06:18 AM Australian Eastern Standard Time
Car Type Ute
Year of Manufacture 1971 Year
Cylinders 6 Cyl
KMs 49000
Engine number Jg40kg51152g
Chassis number Jg40kg51152g
Colour Internal Blue
Colour External White (u)

This is my 1971 model Xy falcon Ute 3 on the tree manual original engine with 49000 miles. Painted back to its original code and difs back gloss black. Under body, back body and deadener engine back to original colours 2 tone interior.
- floor rubbers -  belt moulds inner +outer
-center caps - door locks -finishing rubbers - all new rubbers thru out vehicle - 
Vehicle is  restored back to original  only thing that’s not new is the hood lining  but is in good condition. 

I got this vehicle from central NSW 3 years ago with only one bit of rust being in rear inner qtr witch I have replaced and treated but zero rust now . I was the first person on record to register this vehicle as it was a government car and sat in a shed until I purchased it.

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