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Sunday, May 15, 2022 at 8:52:00 AM Australian Eastern Standard Time
Car Type Sedan
Year of Manufacture 1973 Year
Cylinders 8 Cyl
Chassis number JG 33
Colour Internal White
Colour External Blue teal

HI i could only put in  numbers no letters So im open to offers  ..thanks for looking Xa gt September 73 numbers marching in clude motor body x4 rims hub caps ars not after market Lucus indicators have paperwork cars been checked by professional . Been in the family 20 to 30 years iv got work that out..I'll up date with changed asap ...iv had fair share of people want6to buy the car recently and past years and in happy as I wouldn't sell because it's paint code g blue teal 3 that coulour 1other known 1 don't know if it's real or not so I think 2 or1 left out of the 3 sedans I'll check this one's 1of1 with blure teal white interior.. not sure if it's phase 4 bodyiv not measured as yet  the hard work is done Almost finished.paint has been re done x3 times withe different shops as I wasn't happy some parts army on it in the photos but iv got things like grill velve covers monifold and the old pair of manifold exhaust box of.over parts .I'm waiting on seats few things so about 90% motor is 4 bolt main wing6sump had $40 put through before Resto sounds how it should gear drive heads resin rollor rocker list goes on it's not at all run in I found the old m um plates and lucky so I personised them agt 073 highest offer will be the new owner it's nice paint rust protected still needs more factory paint markings I'v done most  iv got door handles grill seats are in getting done good lining is in dash in new sender for fuel sent to be calibrated parcel shelf done ready for pick uphave carpet  front window old stock in rear wrong  one put in iv the proper one need to swap missing door glass.exthaust and tips and hangers it's manual as I was keeping it the auto is in for service no stall convertor atm steering wheel need restore and it needs seat belts and harness wired to motor that's about it to be honest I don't want to sell it because Ill never be able to buy this one in that colour again so if ads no here iv probably kept it everything new on her just going over the paint shortly .I tried to put more photos up but unsuccessful 

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