Sunday, July 4, 2021 at 10:00:04 AM Australian Eastern Standard Time
Car Type Sedan
Year of Manufacture 1971 Year
Cylinders 8 Cyl

Re: Finally, the book that has been 50 years in the making!  Announcing the Blue Edition – GTHO Book


Thank you for your interest, the Blue Edition of THE 1971 FORD FALCON XY GT HO PHASE III REGISTER book is now available for pre-order for a limited time only. If you haven’t already ordered one, don’t miss out this time.


This book is now officially licensed by the Ford Motor Company. To reserve your copy today, go to


The Rules;


• Only those who missed out on the Black Edition can order the Blue Edition.

• There is a strict limit of one (1) copy of the Blue Edition GTHO book per customer, no exceptions.

• Those who previously ordered the Black Edition needn’t apply to give others a fair go.


The GTHO Book


• The Blue Edition is now officially licensed by the Ford Motor Company.

• The Blue Edition release is scheduled for 30th November 2021, sent with a tracking number.

• The Blue Edition is priced at $275 plus $24 postage & handling within Australia. $66 postage to NZ.


First in, best served.


Hurry if you don’t want to miss out this time, they’re selling faster than a GTHO down Conrod Straight! 


This is a book you’ll never put down.



The complete individual production built data plus history on every GTHO Phase III ever built. Visit to see a sample.

Full of never-before-seen period photographs & factory documentation.


  • How many are left 
  • How many were stolen
  • How many were crashed or written-off
  • How many were allocated to 3999 Ford Motor Company
  • How many were raced, and who raced them
  • How many were exported, and where they went
  • Which dealer sold which car, and how many others they sold
  • Which are still missing in action
  • First hand ‘Memory Lane’ accounts from original owners


    • Revealed: The only known one-owner GTHO Phase III
    • Revealed: The lowest mile unrestored GTHO Phase III
    • Revealed: Never-before-seen GTHO Phase III barn-find
    • Revealed: GTHO Phase III Job No.1, the real story
    • Revealed: The rarest GTHO Phase III ever built
    • Revealed: The highest optioned GTHO Phase III
    • Revealed: The wolf in sheep’s clothing GTHO Phase III
    • Revealed: The HO Down the Hume GTHO Phase III, after it was stolen
    • Revealed: The ‘Phantom’ GTHO Phase IIIs verified
    • Revealed: The mystery of the Yellow Fire GTHO Phase III solved
    • Revealed: The highest price paid for a GTHO Phase III when new
    • Revealed: List of all the GTHO Phase IIIs with a factory sunroof
    • Revealed: The very last GTHO Phase III built
    • Revealed: The very last GTHO Phase III sold new in 1972!
    • Revealed: List of all the unusual ‘Special Order’ GTHO Phase IIIs


Myths Busted;

    • Was there ever a GTHO Phase III fitted with an automatic?  
    • Was there really a GTHO Phase III fitted with a Big Block Chev engine?
    • Was there ever a GTHO Phase III fitted with a six-cylinder engine?


The Stories;         

The Unicorn, The Swap, Rumble in the Jungle, The Grey Ghost, The Saint, The Phoenix, All the race cars plus crashed the fabled 65E, KYK-711, KXB-788, Gypsies Tramps & Thieves, Ford Versus Ferrari – the Australian version, Black Beauty, Hibbard’s GTHO, Battle Axe GTHO, Mysterious ‘Special Order’, plus heaps more.          


Your Story;          

If you currently own or previously owned a GTHO Phase III, and would like your GTHO story to be told (with/without your name published) within the GTHO book, please email us via the website  


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