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Wednesday, May 29, 2019 at 10:00:05 AM Australian Eastern Standard Time


FACTORY 351, 4 speed manual coupe

Built by The Owner & Builder of the Top Show Panel Van in the 70's "Total Eclipse" - Mark Booker who is a perfectionist and has rebuilt numerous Ford Falcon GTHO top end replica sedans and GT coupes over the years. This was to be my last car that I rebuilt and it was built to keep not sell, so its built to perfection. Finished a year and a half ago ago. Due to needing a new hip and at 63yo I cannot get easily into the coupe anymore so have come to the hard decision to sell the coupe. 

78 XC Ford Fairmont Coupe

Ford verifed as 1 of only 2 in this combo and the other is gone to car heaven as far as I have sourced.

Combo that car is plated, if it was a XA or XB, would be a GT but as we know no GT's were built in the XC. Rarer than most Cobras as most were 302's or 351 autos and this car is plated as a very desirable combo.

Factory T = 351, L = 4 speed manual, 9 = snow white, Z = interior - Ochre (which is vinyl & cloth)

Have 100s of shots of full build of car including all the bare metalling and panels replaced. Was a very good coupe to start with. Will show to a person viewing car and will gladly give a full copy of the build to the purchaser. 

Built as concourse as I chose to, plus a few tweaks: painted bumpers and bonnet inserts, GS grill and working driving lights with correct switch and genuine loom (have its original complete fairmont grill complete with rectangular headlights and surrounds to go with car), holley carby and manifold (have its original carby and manifold to go with car), Performance Challenger Mags (have its original Fairmont Alloys and wheel nuts to go with car)

Coupe is on club rego but that is not transferable.

Car sits on brand new Performance Challengers 15 x 8" front and 15 x 10" rear.

Motor is non matching but is out of a fact 351 4 speed manual GXL 78 Fairmont and have the verification letter for that car as well as used to own that car. 

Coupe has its original rebuilt silky smooth 4 speed manual single rail gearbox with the correct square cut 1st gear.

Coupe runs its correct rebuilt 9" disc diff with correct stabiliser bar and working handbrake.

Runs correct perfect exhaust system with its original cast headers and heat riser tube.

Interior is perfect concourse and brand new by Global Trim.


Car has its original rear seat heat shields for exhaust on body and the correct 1 only passenger side tramp rod specific to T plated engine manual cars.

Correct pollution fuel tank and charcoal canister.

Runs its original distributor and has the correct large electronic box controlling the distributor on the passenger side in the engine bay.

Runs its original canister type power steering which works perfectly.

All guages work.

See the verification letter picture for its options and every one of those options is still retained on the coupe, even down to its working original aerial switch and balance switch for the working cassette player. All power windows work.

Correct speakers front and back.

Rare correct heated rear window.

Car presents as immaculate and will only suit a person who is a perfectionist and wants the best. Just turn the key and enjoy driving it.

This is a show winning car if your into showing cars.

Has all correct factory stickers and paint markings including on springs, diff, shockers, tailshaft, etc

Any queries please call Mark on 0409 233 815 - 8.30 am to 9pm any day (please call as I will NOT answer texts or messages asking to send details to an email address and private numbers will not be talked to about car - i want to see your number come up on my phone) - and please only call if serious as i am busy with work and not interested in life stories.

Please don't waste my time if not cashed up, have to apply for a loan or silly offers.

Deposit is 10% and balance by bank transfer only and car will not be released until funds cleared. Car is sold clear titled - so no money owing on it.

Viewing of the car or having someone verify it will be in country Bright, Vic (airport at Albury, NSW) at a spot I choose and will not be driven if the day is wet. Car has never seen water since its rebuild.

In the next couple months, if not sold the coupe will be moving with us to the Gold Coast so can be viewed there at a place to be decided by me.

The only cars I would trade coupe for and I would add in the balance is the following sedans as I can get into the sedans easy with my hip is a restored genuine 4 speed manual XY GT with a factory option 10 sunroof in a nice combo or may consider a fully restored and optioned up manual XA GT SEDAN with factory sunroof.

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