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Friday, May 13, 2022 at 12:38:43 AM Australian Eastern Standard Time

Vk Brock meanie replica blown chev

Big dollar car no short cuts brand new build

407 chev Motown block

1271 blower

Afr 245 heads

Aries pistons and rods

Calleys dragon slayer crank

E85 carbs

Al's race glides power glide built to hold 2000hp with a billet converter 

Peter Cleary rear end mini tubbed 4 link with Chasis connectors 

Braced 9inch 31 spline axels 3.77 trutrac diff Centre  

AP gts hsv brakes all round 

22x12 rear simmons 22x8 fronts 3 piece 

Adjustable coil overs front and rear

Painted by custom Bodyworks         scheel interior by top end 

Haltec dash custom fitted by concept garage 

Motors built to take 40psi only running 18.9psi and making 1150hp to be driven daily if you like 

Ceramic coated by panda pro 

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