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Thursday, March 28, 2024 at 11:00:03 AM Australian Eastern Daylight Time
Car Type Coupe
Year of Manufacture 2007 Year
Cylinders 8 Cyl
Registration Number SKE07
Engine Capacity Bundaberg East
KMs 15240
Colour internal Charcoal leather
Colour external Jet Black Silver Stripes.

Shelby GT 500 with all the Super snake extras fitted 

very low Klms  5.4 L with 2.3L Eaton Blower making 550Hp and can be updated to larger Blower 

have all original suspension and Brakes, in very good condition, one of the best on the market  

Below is a list of extras that have been fitted to car. 


Supersnake extras on the car include as follows.


Baer Brakes which are 14" slotted rotors all round with 6 piston calipers and braided brake lines. ( I still have the original rotors and 4 piston Brembo calipers which are in new condition packed in boxes)


Carbon fiber bonnet, carbon fiber front splitter, carbon fiber skirts and side mirrors, rear spoiler, side scopes lower and upper.


GT striping over the bonnet, roof, front/rear bumpers, and boot and GT 500 supersnake strip along both sides of the lower doors and rear quarters.


Supernake badging on front quarters, front grill, rear boot lid, and under bonnet decal.


The new adjustable coil-over suspension is Silvers Neomax 2way adjustable soft and hard ride with a turn of the dial. ( i still have the old suspension packed in boxes).


The Rims are Shelby forged rims, 20" x 10" on the front, and 20" x 12" on the back.


Tails lights are different to the original which is a part of the supersnake spec.


The exhaust is a 2.5" twin Cat Back which is built for high flow and to withstand the Blower (supercharger).


Motor is a 5.4L with 2.3L eaton blower making 550Hp ( Capable of making a lot more Hp with very little effort)


Charcoal leather interior embroidered with supersnake and the carpets are embroidered as well.


The touchscreen Stereo is the supersnake spec and different from the original. It has sat-nav, USB, Bluetooth, also records your CD's and stores all your music in its memory.


The gauge cluster on the dash is also the supersnake spec, measuring boost pressure for the blower (currently running at 12psi) fuel and oil pressure.


The ceramic coat was done recently and has a 10-year warranty, I still have the warranty card


Car is a 6-speed manual, very nice short shift, and has nice cold air con.


I have just recently fully serviced the car.


Shannons insurance appreciate the car value by 5K annually


TMS Townsville are the guys to talk to and look after the car for you if you decide to go ahead with the purchase and if the car will be based in Townsville. I have spoken to a guy by the name of Ben about a horsepower upgrade there, but I decided to improve the cars handling and stopping capabilities before I went with a horsepower upgrade.

These motors are a race motor and they were detuned at the manufactures, they are very capable of making 750-1000hp if you're wanting that much.

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