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Thursday, April 11, 2024 at 7:50:19 PM Australian Eastern Standard Time
Car Type Coupe
Year of Manufacture 1978 Year
Cylinders 8 Cyl
Engine Capacity 302
Engine number JG65UM00333K
Chassis number JG65UM00333K
Colour Internal Black w/ Blue Stripes
Colour External White w/ Blue Stripes

XC Falcon Cobra Hardtop -

Original specs:

Sep 78 XC Falcon Cobra #333
Paint - Z605 - XC Cobra paint scheme - Sno White with Blue stripes
Trim - B - Black w/ Blue strip (Cobra exclusive)
Engine - P - 302 4V (Matching numbers)
Trans - B - T-bar auto

Arguably one of the most recognisable and iconic Australian Muscle Cars ever produced. If you've never owned, or even driven a Cobra then you most likely don't realise just how much attention and admiration these machines draw. Having personally owned and driven numerous different muscle cars and classics I can assure you firsthand that, the Cobra trumps them all for sheer road presence.  

This Cobra has been lovingly restored over the last 4 years to get it up to the meticulous standard that it presents today, albeit it was in great condition beforehand (see last few photos above) as it has always been well maintained and loved, so much so the original paint was getting thin with much of the blue starting to show through the white due to numerous coats of polish from its previous custodians wanting to preserve its immaculate original condition.


It is currently on Club Rego and driven however the Club Rego is not transferrable.




Original body with all factory panels. It was taken to a restoration shop in 2019 where it was carefully stripped down to a bare shell on a trolley and taken back to bare metal to ensure every facet of the car was checked and restored back to factory condition. The paint job was done to what is believed to be the original process, where by most of the car was painted bold blue first, then masked off with the white applied over the top. As you can see in the pics the car presents beautifully. (Pictures from the restoration are available).

Original matching numbers 302 has been fully rebuilt and refitted by well-known Cleveland guru Phil Palmieri of "Phil's Autos" in Newcastle. The original engine was completely stripped and rebuilt, whilst essentially all original it has been given a slightly larger cam. Everything on and in the engine was totally rebuilt. The minor mods undertaken have brought the 302 up to similar performance to its 351 counterparts whilst remaining totally stock in appearance (with the exception of the Holley hiding under the air cleaner) A Carter Thermoquad is included with the car. 


The original C4 was also given a check over (having already been reconditioned by a previous owner), a new torque convertor was installed and the original diff was also serviced.


A completely new exhaust was fitted giving the car a great V8 rumble (Somewhat more throaty than the original as the owner wanted it to sound as good as it looks).


XC Cobra interior all presents in great condition with the only blemishes being a minor patch in the centre of the dash pad from the previous owner having something stuck to the dash and a small split in the driver's armrest just near the handle.



Everything from nose to tail of this Cobra has been restored back to factory condition. The owner has literally lost track of how much the restoration cost as he intended to keep it forever and just wanted it back on the road in perfect condition. 

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