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Monday, April 12, 2021 at 8:32:42 PM Australian Eastern Standard Time
Car Type Sedan
Year of Manufacture 1970 Year

Genuine Ford Falcon XY GT 351

November 1970

Monza Green

Black Trim

Factory Sunroof

36 Gallon tank


Factory FMX was converted to Top Loader manual as per factory specs.

Interior is in excellent condition.


This is a genuine Ford Falcon XY GT 351, sold new to Bill Huntly, the son of Victorian land and suburb owner Glen Huntly, the suburb is now named after him, its about 15 kms south of Melbourne's CBD. 


Bill Huntly bought this XY GT off the showroom floor from Cooper Ford Mentone in December of 1970, it was plated 11/70, it came with factory sunroof, monza green paint, black interior, 36 gallon tank, super fringe radio. 


In 1992, Bill Huntly was made an offer by Colin, and Colin became the rightful owner shortly after. Colin owned the car from 1992 to 2007 and the only work he did was give it an external repaint, the engine bay and boot compartment still had the original paint when I purchased it in 2007.




When I purchased the car from Colin in 2007, I felt the engine bay needed a repaint and detailing, as it was quite faded, so I organised for the motor to be rebuilt, it is still the original item and it is very healthy, installed extractors, a 750 Holley, the factory fmx was converted to a toploader manual, as per factory specifications including leaf springs, and all the original gear comes with the car if anyone chooses to convert it back. The entire running gear is rebuilt, motor, box, shifter, diff, suspension, brakes, you don't have to spend one cent on this side of things and it drives extremely well. 


The beauty of this car is that no one can ever question its authenticity, as its history is well documented, usually the biggest burden when attempting to purchase a GT, so many have been re-tagged, re-bodied, non original motors and so forth.


The car and I are members of The Falcon GT Club of Australia and the vehicle has been scrutinized and verified as a genuine item. The ID tag has never been removed. 


It's commonly said, you can't beat a GT that has a hole in the roof, and it's such a pleasure to drive with the sunroof open.




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