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Sunday, July 31, 2022 at 10:00:04 AM Australian Eastern Standard Time
Car Type Other
Year of Manufacture 1970 Year

The original family car. This is the first time on the market in 51 years!

This car was ordered for Mr Keith Wark in December 1969 and was built in January/February 1970.
E.J. Rudge delivered the car to Keith on 17 February 1970. It drove locally around Queanbeyan for 37 years except for the annual caravan trip to Batemans Bay. In 2005 the car was bequeathed to Keith’s daughter Kim who is the current owner, and it journeyed north to Brisbane where it has been loved and appreciated ever since.
In Brisbane, its primary duties have been weekend drives, and the occasional overflow family vehicle, as required. The car has done 163,000 original miles in 51 years. An average of 3,200 miles a year!
The car remains as built, a custom order, original diamond white exterior with burgundy interior. Every additional extra option was requested including the sun visor, venetian blinds, windscreen guard, and 1 inch sheepskin covers (Not ¾ inch). Truly ahead of its time it also included a factory fitted electric rear window, which still works perfectly. It has its original motor 221 GV17946
With the sale of the car includes the original owner’s manager and service manual. The service manual is incomplete, not surprising as Keith undertook all maintenance personally. Religiously the air filter, oil filter, oil and timing were done every 6 months or every 3000 miles. This attitude towards the servicing is non-negotiable in the family and continues to this day. This and this alone, explains the perfect and original condition of the motor. 
There are receipts for an upgrade to a V8 radiator installed 2015 (not original to the car) and in 2021 the entire steering and suspension and tyres, were replaced. 
Fire extinguisher, windscreen stone guard, complete distributor, 2 tool boxes + ford tools, shell maps, and lots and lots of parts and extra goodies!
The car has a current road worthy certificate No:LV-G 355422
As Keith always said, “Buy quality and look after it, and it’ll look after you!”. This car is a testament to him and his words.

This is NOT a Falcon 500 and not a GT tribute. It is a working man’s pride and joy

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