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Thursday, November 26, 2020 at 9:56:22 PM Australian Eastern Daylight Time
Car Type Coupe
Year of Manufacture 1972 Year


I appreciate your help in finding her a new home.

A bit of information about my car for your reference.

Its a  9/1972 XA Falcon 500. Vin starts with JG65 & is a K code.

I have owned it since 1996 when I found it in a mates shed & it was just a rolling shell, then over about a 10 year period I sourced as many genuine GT & standard parts that I could find.

I repaired & painted the virtually rust free body in the original paint code T Lime Glaze Green using acrylic paint & clear coat.

The dash & interior is mostly original restored but the seats were re-covered in original style vynal with the basket weave inserts on both front & back seats.

The roof lining is also period black & is original style from rare spares back in the day.

Black loop pile carpet is fitted.

It has an original radio that lights up but I never hooked up any speakers even though it has a period centre roof airel.

It has  the 7,000RPM Tacho with 140MPH speedo.

The engine isn't a matching number item but it is a 351 Clevo that I purchased which is a very healthy beast.

I,m pretty sure it has a 4ma crank with other goodies in it & has 2v heads.

I fitted all the accessories like a performer manifold with 750 double pumper carby with mechanicasl secondaries & manual choke..

A 4 core radiator is fitted with original brackets & a flexi fan.

Alloy tappet covers & matching air filter are fitted along with a custom alloy fan shroud that I made myself.

Gearbox is a 4speed Top Loader with an 11inch clutch.

A Hurst Indy shifter is fitted.

It has a large period tailshaft hooked to a 9 inch Diff running 3.0:1 Ratio & the larger finned brake drums.

Suspension is beefed up with 2.5 inch lowered springs on the front with heavy duty sway bar.

Rear springs are standard leafs with period tramp rods fitted & no sway bar.

Wheels are Aussie Performance wheels, Challenger Bathurst Globe Replicas. 8inch front & 10inch rear.

Tyres are 225x50x15 Front & 295x50x15 Rear.

Chin spoiler is a replica fibre glass unit & the Rear wing is a period Alloy wide original item.

The boot rubber mat is original with a few small tears in it but still in very good condition.

I fitted a replica grille which I made the light rings for with hella driving lights.

I also fitted the original GT bonnet flutes with XY bonnet pins & welded in the front guard flute panels with period cast steel flutes.

So that's about it, there are a few little things that would require attention but nothing too drastic.. eg it doesn't have a speedo cable, it touched the exhaust many years ago & I disconnected it & never got around to replacing it. I just drive off the tacho or use a GPS & just cruise.

But any enthusiast that purchases it would be able to sort them out fairly easily.




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