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Sunday, June 5, 2022 at 10:00:04 AM Australian Eastern Standard Time

Owned since November 2006
All original  - has not been restored except for paint
Currently on Club Rego with original black and white plates
83,390 miles on speedo
Matching No’s
Colour – Passion Orange – White Continental Vinyl Roof  -  Original colour Pottery Beige
Engine Mild
302 Heads. Cast steel 4B inlet manifold.  650 Holly Carby.  TQ 30 cam electronic distributor. Extractors and twin 2 ½ exhaust with balance pipe.
Top Loader 4 speed gearbox – 9” diff 3:1 ratio. Drum rear brakes.
Wheels – Steel Speedie Californias. 15 x 7 front    15 x 10 rear                                                New tyres all around (500k’s ago)
Rear GTHO spoiler
Non original steering wheel (Selm)
Not fitted (but included) Air Con compressor and brackets etc. 
Sump guard.
Original heads and 2V inlet manifold. 
Cast exhaust manifolds.

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