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Friday, September 20, 2019 at 6:31:16 PM Australian Eastern Standard Time

Fg g6e turbo, fully optioned, silver, leather in excellent condition, 119,000 kms also has flash tuner!

Close to 350rwkw first easy run.

Engine and head has been dismantled, inspected and reassembled a year ago with:

Acl racing bearings

Genuine rear main and crank seal

New oil pump gears

Crow cam valve springs

New stud bolts/ timing chain guides etc

Turbo has been rebuilt by rotomaster, it has standard outer housing, but made to a gtx gen11, flapper mod, actuater changed to 35/82, 1000cc injectors (e85 safe).

Exhaust is a full venom system with 4 inch dump pipe and 100 cell cat.

Battery relocation kit with aftermarket cooler pipes, 20 inch silver argents, xr8 bonnet, upgraded lowered suspension, recent rwc, which had all bushes, windsceen etc replaced. I haverecently purchased this vehicle after looking for a long period of time and this was the best one i came across by far. My circumstances have changed and need to purchase a reliable work vehicle.

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