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Tuesday, January 19, 2021 at 9:37:46 PM Australian Eastern Daylight Time
Car Type Convertable
Year of Manufacture -2010 Year
Cylinders 8 Cyl
Engine Capacity 468 ci
Colour external Black

1958 Corvette Drag Car. Run as A/MR in Modified or recently in SuperGas.

Has run 8.8sec/147 in Modified, fits well as A/MR, could go faster, plenty potential. Also perfect car for SuperGas but could use throttle stop, a bit too quick at the moment.

Powered by 468ci BBC, Eagle heads, roller followers & rockers, girdled, top steel crank, rods, 12.5/1 pistons, big sump, MSD 6 with launch chips.

Strong engine combo. Aftermarket transbraked powerglide, Reid housing, high stall converter, Hurst shifter, 9inch rear end, spooled 4.3 gears, billet axles. wheelie bars. Fibreglass body over box & tube chassis, removal scoop & front end & trunk, all Duez fasteners, 4 link coil over rear, Mustang front arms, rack& pinion steering, shrouded & fanned alloy radiator, fuel cell, black fuel pump,quick release steering wheel, full harness, Centrelines, Goodyears etc etc, 1030kg,

More photos and info available on request, just contact me. Happy to give new owner a hand with setup, info etc.

Open to reasonable but not stupid offers, going in different direction, need the space.

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