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Sunday, March 31, 2019 at 9:12:22 PM Australian Eastern Daylight Time
Car Type Sedan
Year of Manufacture 1979 Year
Cylinders 6 Cyl
Registration Number 97962H
Expires 02/2020
Engine Capacity 4.1
KMs 117,500
Colour Internal Camel
Colour External Hermitage Red

Please read through the description. I will try to be as thorough as I can. 

First and foremost i want to state that this car is rust free. I have taken as many possible pictures of all areas which hopefully covers most of what can’t been seen in person first up. 

Its as basic as an early 6 cylinder, Hermitage Red 79 Fairmont Ghia comes. It doesn’t have Aircon or electric windows, however it does have an AM radio only, electric aerial, boot release and heater/de-mister which are all in working order. It also has its books and spare set of keys (as pictured)

The only additional feature I put on the car is genuine SEV Marcall driving lights. They aren’t connected and are only for looks. 

The car has only travelled 117,500 km. It did sit for a very long time prior to me purchasing it. For my own peace of mind, I did replace the cooling system by way of water pump, thermostat and radiator as all those years of stagnant water did it no good. I have also changed the inhibitor switch seal in the transmission as it was weeping. Otherwise everything is original. It still has the original leads and coil. The undercarriage and engine block markings are all still visible and the original Metal I.D tags are behind the grille (see pictures)

The exterior presents extremely well given its 40 year old paint. Having said that the paint is a little thin and there are stone chips, a little dent here and there with the most obvious one being under the front driver door. I have deliberately taken a side shot with shadow so it sticks out. The chromes are all there and in great condition, having said that, the L/H side rear mould has got scuffs on it, but nothing beyond repair.

Interior is near perfect. All the plastics are in fantastic condition and aren’t sun faded. The center console stopper is there but has broken off from the lid.

Given the prices being asked for these cars  nowadays, I would like to think the price I’ve put up is somewhat fair, nor will it make me rich!!!

It is a very honest example of how a genuine car of its age is and one that can speak for itself. 

I am more than happy to answer any questions or queries or anything I’ve missed anything. More pics available 

0430 351 351