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Tuesday, March 17, 2020 at 12:14:53 AM Australian Eastern Daylight Time

** I have since found a rust free bonnet and rear doors to include in the sale**

The time has come to move on my XB. I have had this car for 7 years. It was a one owner car from Victoria it had 209,000 kms on it. When I got it home, we cut out the rust that was coming through and resprayed it. For a car that has been outside/ under a carport it hasn't deteriorated that much. I did have to brush touch a few bits for rego this year.

Since owning it I have spent thousands. It was originally a 6 cylinder with a Borg Warner 3 speed auto. I tossed a 302 clevo and c4 in it that was in an xy. I have done everything under the car. None of it is pedders rubbish. Every bush, balljoints, upgraded to XC control arms with the better bush system, heavy duty sway bar, brakes, handbrake cable, KMAC Springs in the front, GT King Springs for the rear, Monroe shockies, LSD out of a ZH fairlane which i rebuilt the calipers on, replaced hoses, brake lines, axle bearings and a service.

The 302 is in pretty good nic for an older motor, I put on a brand new Holley 650 vacuum secondaries and had it tuned. The transmission is quite smooth aswell. It does have a rear main leak which is obviously not uncommon for these. I had brand new extractors and twin 2.5'' mandrel bent system fitted and it has a real nice note to it. I have also had the power steering box and pump rebuilt.

I had the car at an ex mates workshop for a while. It was swiped with a trailer on the rear driver's quarter and backed into in the front. The bonnet is no good, I straightened it and brush touched where the paint came off for rego.

It has got a bit of rust, coming up in the gutters, and a bit in the passenger side A pillar. The worst part is in the boot rubber channel. The floors, front guards, boot lid and firewall are all good. even the quarters don't look too bad. My ZH I'm doing at the moment is rougher than this.

I had plans to do a bare metal respray on this and keep it for good. I have since bought a house and am in the process of building a shed for my projects. There is no point letting this sit outside and rot when someone else can enjoy it.

Overall it is a great cruiser and drives smoothly. Bear in mind it is a 44 year old car and its not perfect. The interior is all original (as pictured). The rear seat has sun damage on the top and the dash pad has a few cracks. It has never bothered me as I appreciated the age of it. If you did the body work on it properly you would have an awesome car that is only going to go up in value

Price is negotiable. Contact me on 0411883624 for further info.

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