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Friday, August 16, 2019 at 7:03:02 PM Australian Eastern Standard Time

1973 XA Fairmont Coupe, Factory "K code" 351 V8, auto in "Paint J" Calypso Green Metalic. This car was ordered from factory with the works, PS, AC, electric windows, limited slip, dual mirros, dual exhaust and more. Letter from Ford attached.

It is a 351 V8, top loader gearbox and 9' limited slip disc rear end. the car is now like a GT.

The body on this coupe was 95% rust free to start with before the paint and panel. The finish is beautiful and done in De Beers, it is very straight rust free and under the car is very good. The interior is very good with retirmed seats, new capet and dash is very good. Everything has been rebuilt engine, gearbox, diff, brakes, shockies, ETC. It has had new rubbers, boot mat, screen rubbers, big beautiful mags and tyres.

I have a centre console coming for it along with a few other spares. I am happy for inspections and test drives for interested buyers. This is a very good Coupe and being a factory 351 V8 Fairmont make it a fairly rare car.  


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