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Saturday, February 17, 2024 at 2:03:15 AM Australian Eastern Daylight Time
Car Type Other
Year of Manufacture 1928 Year
Cylinders 8 Cyl
Colour Internal beige
Colour External blue

The Model A is an icon amongst Ford’s long history, replacing the highly regarded Model T in 1928.
With over 4.8 million units made, the Model A was truly a world car, with Assembly taking place across
North America, South America, Canada and throughout Europe. Popularity of the Model A is strong with
collectors as well as owners who choose to modify theirs within the ‘Hot Rod’ culture.

This particular example is a 1928 Ford Model A that has undergone meticulous modification to create a
true ‘Hot Rod’ for the street. The exterior consists of a full fibreglass body made by Deuce Customs,
fitted to a fully boxed Ford Model A steel chassis. A striking coat of deep blue paint has been applied
and truly makes a statement on road. With the tough looks of an exposed motor, a removable, colour
matched bonnet can also be fitted where necessary, and can conveniently be stowed away in the rear
boot. To complete the aggressive look of this 28’ Model A, a set of Centreline Convo Pros are fitted to
each corner, wrapped in 195/60/R15 fronts and 285/70/R15 rears.

The custom modification continues with the interior that has been beautifully trimmed to contrast against the deep blue exterior. A simple colour matched dash houses a set of Classic Instruments gauges, as well as an aftermarket steering wheel. Subtle metal details such as the handbrake and gear shifter add a layer of sophistication to the understated interior.

This 28’ Model A now runs a strong 351ci Windsor V8, mated to an automatic transmission and a 9”
differential. Below is a list of work that was undertaken:


  • Bore 4030

  • 351 Windsor crank ground and balanced

  • 351 Windsor rods ground and balanced

  • 10:1 compression

  • K B Performance Pistons Hyper-eutectic Pistons

  • Dura-bond bearings

  • Crow Cams Hydraulic Roller 238 50” duration 244 50” duration

  • Crow cams roller lifters

  • Hardened push rods Manley

  • Crane gold roller rockers

  • Pro topline alloy heads 180cc runners

  • Mellings oil pump

  • Victor Jr. Manifold

  • 750 HP Holley

  • Accel Distributor

  • Crane Hi-6 ignition box

  • Edelbrock Victor Jr, Water Pump

  • ATI harmonic balancer

  • Aftermarket throttle body fuel injection

  • Rod City independent front suspension with disc brakes

  • Ford 9” rear axle assembly with disc brakes

  • EB Ford Falcon steering column

Take the chance to secure this incredible example of a ‘Hot rodded’ 1928 Ford Model A, ready for
summer cruising!


YEAR: 1928




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